As an artist who adores travel and food, Yenny Yohan has been madly in love and drawn to the relationship she has with the beauty of nature, having good food and experiencing new cultures. Even small things like the smell of fresh brewed coffee and listening to music are often being great companies in helping her to create a good mood. Being such a figure, she loves to travel regularly, especially to the island of Bali, the land of the God, in where it not only hypnotized her with its beauty, but also plays a big role in her life as a great source of inspirations.

She was born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, where she has been creating artworks in her own studio. She loves letting her imagination run wild and enjoy painting freely without any restrictions, by applying acrylic and mixed media directly on canvas. Each artwork was created as an abstract, a celebration of color that represents a reflection of her emotion at that moment.